The Crab Company

Don Stanley’s Group

~ Established in 1991 ~

dons stanly's group the lagoon crab restaurant in sri lanka
We cook – We deliver
  • Sri Lanka Crab curry with Murunga leaves
  • Singapore-style Chillie Crab
  • Baked crab in Shell
  • Black Pepper crab
  • Deep-fried Masala Crab
All crab live till processed – minimum 6 hours notice required
We also offer comprehensive meal packages

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The Crab Company is a pioneer in exciting the palates of Sri Lankans & visitors from abroad to the wondrous flavour of the Sri Lankan lagoon Crab.

Full of flavour and of unique texture, our crab is prepared to your liking with differing sizes on offer.

Meaty and succulent, our dishes promises to leave a lingering need to experience the delights of this exceptional crustacean again & again.

the lagoon crab restaurant company in sri lanka

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